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  • Lumtrack 6W - Chargeur usb
    Solar panel usb

    5V - 1.2A  output it maxLength 34.5 cmWidth 19.5 cmThickness  1 mm /...




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Lumtrack is a trademark by Outdoor Sport Timing.

Lumtrack arose from a personal project, propelled by the Internet users on the platform of crowdfunding Kisskissbankbank. Originally I looked for my personal and professional needs for a solar charger of this type(chap). By not finding, I met a start-up in queques kilometers from my home which proposed the technology which I desired. After a first meeting, the idea passed of the stage of project in the realization. It thanks to support of the Internet users who surf on the platforms of crowdfunding on the lookout for innovative and useful projects. Lumtrack was thus born in May, 2015 with a first series of 100 units. The positive returns of crowdfunder and my first very satisfactory tests, make that the adventure exist still to this day. Well on it is one young annual production. But it is what makes the charm and the authenticity of the product. Hoe far from the model businesses and the ambitions of the equipment manufacturers outdoor, Lumtrack draws its own sweet way. Quality, customer relationship, being at the heart of the concerns above all.

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Stéphane manager at

I use Lumtrack in my job. I work on outdoor event, and i need to get power all the time for my devices.


Thank's to the crowdfunding plateforme


Kissbankeurs de Lumtrack : opiffe, TL38, s_w_a,lo427, ESS Clem, UtagawaVTT, Didid, Matmo, ManuGre, gui2gre, phil38200, GUC, Jayce66, Silkroad1208, Nicolesadrets, Damien cohen, bgauth, jofrais, tripup Feingold, Dlangchoub, Zhardhal, dogo, tontonbill, beru78, olives, camichel, lattitude00, miguelito.b, Raid VTT Scott Chemins du soleil, Lorraine123 Alex’TremCC38000, Telemarkus brutus, eric barbier, razaid, dylax74, Emmanuel billon, erwn meynier, paco22 L2Aevnets, cordby. Projet visible à

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